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Recent and Upcoming Events

Some of the interesting  entertainment and fun activities our organization sponsors for you along with the Kalaripayat, yoga classes and treatments are 1 day Elephant ride every week, boating through the Ashtamudi Lake, swim in the Arabian sea, or  a natural pond, visit to the coir village, etc. You name it according to your we can make it more interesting... and we will provide it to you...

Recent Events

April 2010 Elephant festival at Kollam
A scene from the Kollam Pooram festival with lined up Elephants, and thronging people, held during the month of April every year

Upcoming Events

A minimum of 10 people must be present to arrange a Kalaripayat or Kathakali demonstration. A fixed charge will be levied per head.

You can learn Mural painting, do oil painting, or try your hand on Bamboo carvings under concerned masters on payment of a fixed fees.

We have internet facilities and library for your personal use.

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

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